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KS2 learn how to keep safe

Bridget Fenton from Childline came into Centre and delivered two interactive sessions to KS2, raising their awareness of how to keep themselves safe and how to access support.  The pupils enjoyed the sessions saying that they found them, 'interesting and useful'.  They have particulaly enjoyed going on the Childline web-site (  

The tale of the boy who wouldn't grow up!

On 9th and 11th December groups of pupils visited the Theatre by the Lake to enjoy a traditional performance of Peter Pan.  The pupils enjoyed the adventures of Peter and his friends in the magical world of Neverland.  The afternoon was completed with a leisurely stroll into Keswick for lunch and a hot drink.

Our MacMillan fundraising event, by Luke

We had a coffee morning for MacMillan nurses and we raised £162.00.  We played bingo and took part in the treasure hubt (which I won).  We also made cakes and sold them.  It was a lot of fun doing it.

The Hospital and Home Tuition Service Christmas Event

On Monday 15th December, the pupils of HHTS arranged and hosted a Christmas social event.  They had lots of visitors including Mrs Ogilvie, Child Missing Education Officer for the Local Authority and a group of students from Stay West.  A great afternoon was had by all, and they managed to raise over £70.00 for the Whitehaven Community Trust, who provide accommodation for the homeless.  The pupils used the money to buy Christmas gifts to present to the residents. We are very proud of our girls!

Horse-riding KS2 style!

As part of their outdoor learning curriculum, KS2 pupils visited Cumberland Lodge Riding Stables for the afternoon.  The pupils learnt about the equipment needed to ride a horse to ensure the horse and their riders are safe and comfortable.  The children were all given their own horse to ride.  Some pupils were very nervous about getting on their horse, but overcame their fear to ride around the grounds.  The ride was followed by a talk given by one of the stable hands. She explained how to care for a horse, showing pupils how to brush the horse's coat and mane and how to clean it's hooves.  The children then put what they
had learned into practise and groomed a horse.  Everyone loved the experience and the pupils are desperate to go again.

Fantastic at First Aid

To begin the year, students attended a Basic First Aid course at the People Progress Training Centre.  Students learnt how to give CPR and how to place someone in the recovery position.  They were shown how to dress wounds - either with an embedded object, or without.  They also learnt how to manage someone who was having an epileptic fit and what to do if a casualty went into shock.  Students have learnt some new skills and now have a first aid qualification to be proud of.

The Hospital and Home Tuition Service - Art afternoon

This term students visited West Winds Residential Home for an afternoon of art.  It was a great afternoon with both students and residents having a wonderful time.  The residents shared experiences of days gone by, and how school life had been for them.  The students were fascinated by their experiences, and talked freely to the residents, whilst creating masterpieces!  The residents now have beautiful paintings for their rooms to remind them of our visit.  They want us to visit again soon.

Fell-walking - KS3 pupil

Today we walked up Dent Fell and made sure we followed the country code.  This means that we had not to drop any litter, and close the gates after us.

KS2 Eat Happy

As part of their food and nutrition curriculum, KS2 have taken part in Farm to Fork delivered by Tesco through their Eat Happy Project.  The children visited the store to learn all about where food comes from.  They started off in the bakery learning about the ingredients that make bread before being shown some of the machines used in the process.  It was then over to the children to become master bakers and try their hand at making pizza bases using fresh dough.

The children then visited the delicatessen conunters where they got to try our regional speciality, Cumberland Sausage, and cheeses from around the world. The children were then given a mystery meat to taste, which they all loved until they were told it was Ox tongue, and shown evidence of the tongue shape in the cut of meat!  

The trip continued with a visit to the fish counter and then the fruit and vegetable aisle where they sampled lots of different fruits.  The children thoroughly enjoyed their experience and are now busy writing letters of thanks.