Working with primary and secondary schools in the Allerdale and Copeland areas

KS2 Curriculum

The WCLC provides a short term intervention for KS2 pupils, which aims to support pupils to remain within or reintegrate into mainstream education, depending upon their circumstances. We offer a secure and carefully structured small class setting that promotes positive behaviour to encourage pupils to develop as confident and independent learners. 


The aim of our KS2 provision is to support pupils to remain within or reintegrate into mainstream school, therefore, the primary curriculum takes into account the requirements of the national curriculum and seeks to mirror the curriculum of a mainstream school. However, this curriculum is enhanced with opportunities for pupils to explore the social and emotional aspects of learning through a curriculum that:


Pupils' individual learning needs are addressed through individualised learning so that they can grow in confidence in their abilities, recognise their strengths and areas for development and hopefully develop a more realistic self-image. Thus, providing them with the confidence to re-engage with the learning process.

Achievement and success are acknowledged and celebrated at all levels. Pupils are made aware of the next steps they need to take to develop at an academic, social, emotional and behavioural level. 

Recording of Pupils Work

Pupils will work in exercise books. Children are encouraged to take pride in the presentation of their work and appropriate layouts for given subjects are modelled. Children are allowed to take their work home at the end of their placement.

Assessing, Monitoring, Recording and Reporting

Formative assessment is used daily to inform teachers' planning and to improve pupils' learning through identification of pupils' strengths and weaknesses. Summative assessments are completed by pupils four times during the academic year.

The following areas are assessed:

Results are recorded in the Centre assessment tracker and are reported through regular review meetings to those involved with the pupil.

Results are used in planning pupils' individulaised learning in Maths and Englsih and the wider curriculum. Next steps ('I can' objectives) are displayed in the front of the pupils' Maths, English and Science books to help focus pupils on the skills they are working to acquire. Regular discussions with pupils about their attainments and next steps in learning take place.

Display of student work

The celebration of achievement and success is critical to the enhancement of pupils' self esteem, and thus the display of pupils' work in the KS2 classroom is an important part of the learning process. Pupils' work will be mounted and labelled with the relevant pupil's name.


For many KS2 pupils reading is an area of the curriculum that they struggle with. Therefore, wherever possible, children's work will be marked in their prescence and a conversation around their achievements and next steps will take place. VIVO reward points, stickers, stamps and certificates will be used to celebrate success.

Special educational needs

It is recognised that some children may be working below national expectations, and their needs will be met through the use of appropriate strategies (differentiation, ICT, learning aids, catch up programs) and support (directed Teaching Assistant). Likewise their may be pupils who are achieving above national expectations and they will need to engage with a range of experiences designed to broaden or deepen their learning.

All of our pupils have Special Educational Needs as defined by the SEN Code of Practice. Where we identify undiagnosed and therefore unmet needs, we will work with professional colleagues in the Local Authority to arrange supplementary assessments and will proceed to take any necessary steps indicated, including application for Statutory Assessment.

Promoting Pupils' Spiritual, Moral, Social And Cultural Development

Through the KS2 curriculum, every opportunity is taken to make connections between the experiences of pupils' own lives, their communities and the wider world. Through the topics taught, opportunities are seized upon to open-up discussions about pupils' lives, communities and the wider world. Staff share their own experiences and the internet is used to give a different perspective. Due to our smaller setting and focus, there is flexibility within the curriculum to follow-up child-led questioning about the world around them and issues are explored as they arise.

Gender And Multicultural Issues

Given the demographic make up of the area within which our pupils live, and their life experiences to date, it is imperative that pupils are made aware of a variety of different cultures through the curriculum. Pupils work alongside positive role models from both sexes, so that any misguided preconceptions they may have, can be addressed.

KS2 Timetable

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