Working with primary and secondary schools in the Allerdale and Copeland areas

English - KS4 (Years 10-11)

English, the subject, is about enriching, empowering and enlightening individuals, not only to the power of language but to the riches of our culture and heritage, to the amazing possibilities of new technologies - and the dangers - and to the mysteries and wonders of the imagination. It is about opening hearts and minds to creativity, collaboration and learning for the sake and sheer enjoyment of it.


·        Success, achievement and self-belief in Reading and Writing for all students

·        Improved self-esteem and confidence through the realisation that “I can read it, talk about it and write it”

·        Development of perseverance, grappling and self-motivation, essential skills for independent and lifelong learning

·        To equip students with relevant and useful transferable skills

·        To provide English provision tailored to meet the individual needs of the students



·        To engender a feeling of enjoyment, success and a sense of achievement in all pupils, so that every pupil believes he or she is capable of success and improvement

·        To improve self-esteem and confidence in pupils, so that they are able to take pride in their work and achievements, to persevere and take risks in their learning processes and as such, develop the skills which will enable them to become independent learners

·        To equip the students with meaningful, relevant and transferable language skills in order to function effectively throughout their lives and other areas of their learning journey

·        To provide a safe and supportive environment where children develop a positive attitude to learning and feel able to take risks – a feeling of ‘can do’ or ‘am confident enough to have a try’

·        To facilitate collaboration with students, staff and other adults effectively, allowing time for reflection and critical evaluation. Encouraging students to generate their own targets /steps forward

·        To provide appropriate resources, activities and experiences to enable students to keep on a par with their peers, allowing them to reach their potential.  Key Grammar Skills are integrated into daily lessons to embed solid foundations for future learning and life skills

·        To ensure that young people are aware of the purpose and dangers of advertising, persuasive language and the manipulation of information and reporting sometimes prevalent in media

Teaching and Learning

·        Each lesson will be broken down into a starter activity that will initiate grammatical application and engagement

·        Leading on from this is an English task encouraging independent reading and/or writing, incorporating a wide a range of interesting, relevant stimulus – using ICT, media, drama, critical skills challenges

·        Key Skills are integrated into daily lessons to embed solid foundations for future learning and life skills

·        Students reading ages are assessed using the Accelerated Reading Program- each student has a band in which they can choose their own books and read during quiet time. At the end of the book, an online quiz will assess inference and understanding of the text

·        Reading is always acknowledged and encouraged throughout the Centre. Students below age-related expectations are identified quickly through rigorous, regular assessments in both reading (accelerated reader) and spelling and targeted interventions are timetabled, as necessary

The Curriculum

The curriculum is devised so that pupils can build on skills learnt during Key Stage 3, which enable them to embark upon their GCSE studies from a strong standpoint.  It is designed so that students can be assessed on high-quality challenging texts from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries and that those skills include critical reading and comprehension, summary and synthesis, evaluation of a writer’s choice of vocabulary, form, grammatical and structural features and comparing texts.  Students will develop the ability to produce clear and coherent text and write for impact


AQA GCSE: English Language

AQA GCSE: English Literature