Working with primary and secondary schools in the Allerdale and Copeland areas

Art & Design


Teaching and Learning
We teach in mixed ability classes throughout Key Stage 4. All students are given the opportunity to excel and develop individual ideas to reach their creative potential as fully as possible.

Students studying GCSE Art in  Key Stage 4 have three lessons a week in year eleven;  and year ten have a double art lesson a week.  We offer an AQA unendorsed GCSE course. The unendorsed option is a broad-based course where students work in a wide variety of materials.

We teach two main projects for the GCSE coursework requirements, these are:-

These projects account for 60% of the total GCSE grade.

The remainder of the marks for GCSE (40 per cent) come from an Externally Assessed Task or Assignment. This is a project set by the AQA examination board. The students have time to create a body of preparatory work - in a sketchbook or journal, for example, before spending 10 hours on an assessed final piece.

The student’s coursework and externally set task are marked, using four assessment objectives. The assessment objectives are equally weighted, which means 25 per cent of the marks are allocated for each one. The objectives are the same for both the coursework and the examination. A mock examination takes place for both year groups at the end of November.
Students are offered extended stimulus activities and challenges one night a week after school.