Working with primary and secondary schools in the Allerdale and Copeland areas

WCLC Curriculum


When students initially arrive at WCLC (either via referral from the Consortium Inclusion Panel or following a recommendation for permanent exclusion), a period of assessment is conducted.

Baseline assessments for English, Maths, Reading, Spelling and emotional literacy are conducted. This assessment data will identify specific educational, and emotional and social needs leading to appropriate strategies being developed for each individual pupil. There will be an emphasis on improving Literacy and Numeracy skills, self esteem and anger management during this period.

Behaviour management plans will be devised. Outside specialist agencies will be accessed where appropriate to support the individual. Students will also have access to specialist teaching staff and may take part in whole centre activities. For permanently excluded pupils, dual registration with a mainstream school will also be sought, in liaison with the Consortium Inclusion Panel and Cumbria Children’s’ Services Reintegration Officer.

Students are retested half-termly and their next steps determined. Some students will continue to receive educational provision in Centre leading to eventual full reintegration into mainstream school. For others, immediate re-integration into mainstream school will be the most appropriate educational provision. The speed of transition and the support programme for reintegration is based on each individual student’s need and the support available from the receiving mainstream school, along with the individual student’s engagement with the process.

The curriculum we offer:

Is broad and balanced, enabling students to participate in wide areas of experience ideally developing an 'appreciation of literacy and English, numeracy and mathematics, a scientific understanding as well as of the humanities (including religious understanding), technology, the arts and a physical education. There is a heavy emphasis on developing literacy and numeracy skills.

Meets the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of students through developing the basic skills for learning and offering opportunities for students to gain accreditation at higher levels i.e. ASDAN, COPE, Functional Skills, BTECs, GCSEs as appropriate to each individual student’s needs.

Cross-curricular themes - Spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness are taught throughout the curriculum, during the weekly assembly, as well as through relevant educational visits and visitors.

Preparation for working life will be enhanced through participation in courses such as ASDAN and COPE. The experiences and taught courses that students participate in encourage the problem solving, communication and team building skills that are of obvious importance for employment opportunities in technologically advanced societies.

Alternative Provision

Some students benefit from provision alternative to that offered in mainstream schools.  The West Cumbria Learning Centre can offer a vocational curriculum for KS4 pupils including Construction, Art, Hair and Beauty, Hospitality and Catering, Sport and Leisure, and Performing Arts.

Work Experience

Students will be offered work experience should it be felt that such an opportunity would meet the student’s needs. Work Experience placements are undertaken during school hours and support a sudent’s progress.