Working with primary and secondary schools in the Allerdale and Copeland areas


Please find below a list of the current staff members working at the West Cumbria Learning Centre

Name Role
Leadership Team  
Helen Johnson Headteacher
Mark Stewart Assistant Head
Kerry Cox Business Development Leader
Jane Dixon Assistant Head
Jo McGlasson Centre Manager
Carol Morgan Centre Manager
Jo Cavanagh Head of Core Subjects
Jonathan Logan Head of Foundation Subjects
Pastoral Team  
Andrea Arnett School Counsellor
Jenna Scott Student Welfare Officer
Jackie Wren Student Welfare Officer
David Straughton Behaviour Supervisor
Janette Fearon Behaviour Support
Natasha Tynan Positive Time-out Support
Sheena Varty Positive Time-out Support
Sue Carruthers SEMH Co-ordinator 
Pupil Referral Unit   
Stella Johnston Specialist Teacher – KS2
Kate Hodgson Specialist Teacher - English
Joanne Cavanagh Specialist Teacher - Maths
Jonathan Logan Specialist Teacher – Science
Rachel Landsborough Specialist Teacher - Humanities / Outdoor Learning
Jac Wolfsbane-Bani Specialist Teacher - Basic Skills
Albert Livesey Specialist Teacher - Small Groups
Kelly Burns Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Tracy Cunningham Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Callum Aitken Senior Teaching Assistant
Vicki Colaluca Senior Teaching Assistant
Kerry Graham Senior Teaching Assistant
Joanne Gartland Business Support
Pam Todd Business Support
Elaine Ismay Mid-day Supervisor
Lisa Bowden Catering
Carol Scowcroft Site
Katy Percival Site
Hospital & Home Tuition Service  
Sue Allen Specialist Teacher
Sarah Pinney Specialist Teacher
Anne Watson Specialist Teacher
Sarah Donnelly Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Alternative Provision / SEMH Provision  
Jennifer Flanagan Specialist Teacher - English / Hospitality & Catering
Martin Pickavance Specialist Teacher - Maths
Jonathan Logan Specialist Teacher - Science
David Gallagher Specialist Teacher - Outdoor Learning 
Karl Fillingham Specialist Teacher - Sport and Leisure
Timothy Pitchford Specialist Teacher - Construction / Outdoor Learning
Hayley Straughton Specialist Teacher - Art & Design
Emma Bromley Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Sam Galloni-Wilkinson Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Alex Young Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Linda Burr Senior Teaching Assistant
Tony Ferguson Senior Teaching Assistant
Allison Heskett Senior Teaching Assistant
Craig Kenmare Senior Teaching Assistant
Michelle Neen  Senior Teaching Assistant 
Stephanie Pearce Senior Teaching Assistant
Tracy Robinson Business Support
Dawn Jenkinson Catering
Joanne Park Site
Victor Stewart  Site