Working with primary and secondary schools in the Allerdale and Copeland areas

Full body of PRU Management Committee to meet termly

The ‘Staffing & Finance’, 'Achievement of Pupils and Quality of Teaching' and ‘Behaviour & Safety’ sub-committees meet termly.  
Members have been allocated to sub-committees based on expressions of interest and the skills audit completed.

Staffing and Finance
Terms of Reference


*cannot be delegated to an individual


Membership: Chair - Michael Priestley; Richard Cox, Peter Harlow, Helen Johnson

Achievement of Pupils and Quality of Teaching
Terms of Reference

Membership: Chair - Richard Cox; Peter Harlow, Helen Johnson; Clare McGuinness, Michael Priestley, Anne Sarrington

3. Behaviour and Safety
Terms of Reference

Membership: Chair - Peter Harlow; Joanne Beech, Jane Dixon, Helen Johnson; Steve Milledge, Michael Priestley 

In addition to the 3 x sub-committees, the following responsibilities have been delegated by the Full management Committee:

Recruitment Panel (SLT posts)
Terms of reference

Membership:  Chair - Michael Priestley, Joanne Beech, Richard Cox, Peter Harlow, Helen Johnson

Head Teacher’s Performance Review Group
Terms of Reference

Membership: Chair: - Michael Priestley, Richard Cox, Peter Harlow

Delegation of Responsibility to Individuals
Terms of Reference

Safeguarding: Peter Harlow

Pupil Premium: Richard Cox

SEN:  Richard Cox

Looked After Children: Michael Priestley

H&S:  Peter Harlow

Appeals Committee
Terms of Reference

*cannot be delegated to an individual

Membership: (cannot be the Headteacher, or any other member of the Staffing and Finance sub-committee) Clare McGuinness, Steve Milledge, Anne Sarrington

The sub-committees will report their work and progress to the Management Committee which should reduce the time necessary to complete full MC body meetings.

The full MC body is to carry out an annual evaluation of leadership and management in the school including a self evaluation of the management committee.